Their Corporate Massage

  1.  50 minute massage.  Which means  45 minutes HANDS ON.

  2. No intake form or does not go over it with you.

  3. No consultation or they charge the client for one.

  4. Uses a less expensive oil that they buy in bulk that sits on a shelf for months.

  5. Therapist spends almost the whole session on the clients BACK. Leaves little to no time on extremities.

  6. No follow up to see how the client felt, AFTER the session. 

Our Massage Perfected

  1. Client receives a FULL 60 minutes that was taught in school.

  2. Go over the clients concerns and file it away to address on next appointment.

  3. Educate my clients on what I am working on, properties in my products, and what they are experiencing and why.

  4. Use locally made organic products. Medicinal grade essential oils that are 100% PURE.

  5. Utilize my time to allow enough massage to treat arms, legs, scalp and feet evenly.

  6. Follow up with a call / text to get feedback from client to see how to improve next session.

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3007 Clairemont Dr S10, San Diego, CA 92117

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